Virtual Group

The Lincolnshire LGBT Plus+ Patient User Group recognises that many people are unable to attend the face-to-face meetings that we hold. For this reason we also run a Virtual Group.

Members of the virtual group will receive regular emails about the work that we are doing, inviting them to give feedback and input into our work. This may be in the form of draft documents, requests for suggestions and ideas, surveys to complete or many other ways. Virtual group members will also always be kept informed about meetings and events, agenda's will be sent in advance and virtual members will be able to request additions to the agenda even if they will not be able to attend. Notes from the meetings will always be sent out afterwards.

All members are also able to join our Facebook group. The Facebook group is a 'secret' group, so none of your Facebook friends will be able to tell that you are a member unless they are also a member. The Facebook group contains regular discussions about the work we are doing, as well as a place to discuss any additional health or social care issues that affect the LGBT community.

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